Suzuki & Viewpoints Training at The Gaiety School of Acting

If you watch the Viewpoint section of this video, the male student is working with his eyes closed. He was a sceptical student so I challenged him to do the exercise with his eyes closed and promised him that he wouldn't bump into anyone. (One of the female students is watching out for him.) That we were able to capture his work on film so he could see it afterwards was really remarkable. 


Viewpoints at PCPA

This short video captured the PCPA Class of 2014 on the last day of our Suzuki & Viewpoints workshop. This was the first time we worked with music and all of what you see in the video is completely organic (improvised) even though it looks choreographed. 


Instructor CV


Suzuki & Viewpoints                                                      Instructor                                          Annual Workshops 2011 - to date

Movement Instructor                                                    Guest Artist                                       Full Time Conservatory 2004 - 2006


Viewpoints/Composition Training                            Instructor                                          Full Time Conservatory 2016

Movement for Actors                                                      Instructor                                          Full Time Conservatory 2012 -2016

Theatre History                                                                 Instructor                                           Full Time Conservatory 2011- 2016

MA Theatre Studies                                                         Instructor                                           National University of Ireland,

                                                                                                                                                                  Maynooth 2012 - 2014


Sunlight Studios                                                             Viewpoints Workshop                       New York, New York

Fortune's Fool Productions                                         Viewpoints Workshop                       San Francisco, California

Three Cups Collaborative                                             Viewpoints Workshop                      Austin, Texas

Cal Poly San Lois Obispo                                              Movement Workshop                      San Luis Obispo, California

King University                                                                  Movement Workshop                      Bristol, Tennessee

Valle Christi School                                                         Movement Workshop                       Genova, Italy

Theatre of Changes                                                          9TH Annual INFOMAT                       Athens, Greece

Dublin Institute of Technology                                     Workshop                                           Dublin, Ireland

California State University, Long Beach                  2 Semesters                                        Long Beach, California



Shakespeare Study                                                         Instructor                                            2013 - 2014

Adult Scene Study                                                           Instructor/Director                          2010 - 2014

Advanced Scene Study                                                  Instructor/Director                          2012 –2014

Acting for Fun                                                                    Instructor                                            2011 - 2014

Advanced Acting                                                              Guest Instrutor                                 Spring 2011





Much Ado About Nothing, The Abbey School of Drama, Dublin, Ireland 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Abbey School of Drama, Dublin, Ireland

Once Upon a Time, Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts Conservatory Theatre, Santa Maria, California 

Oedipus Tyrannos, Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts Conservatory Theatre, Santa Maria, California     

Saint Joan, Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts Conservatory Theatre, Santa Maria, California 

Once on this Island, Walnut Hill Arts Academy, Boston, MA

The Cell, Walnut Hill Arts Academy, Boston, MA

The Marriage of Bette and Boo, University of San Francisco

Amadeus, Trinity Repertory Conservatory, Rhode Island

The Frangipani Door, Trinity Repertory Conservatory, Rhode Island

Orpheus Descending, Trinity Repertory Conservatory, Rhode Island

Virginia, Trinity Repertory Conservatory, Rhode Island

Vinegar Tom,  Trinity Repertory Conservatory, Rhode Island

Line, Trinity Repertory Conservatory, Rhode Island

 Viewpoints in Mask

Athens, Greece


Movement for Actors

The Gaiety School of Acting


Suzuki & Viewpoints

Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts


Those Who Can...

I began teaching in 1998 for the Regional Occupational Program at Compton and Downey High Schools. Two of the roughest schools in inner city Los Angeles. Every single student in those classes had been involved in drive-by shootings or worse. I was the only person in the room who hadn't seen someone die a violent death. (It was the first question the students asked me on my first day.) I decided to work on The Zoo Story with them. If anyone could understand the absurdities in The Zoo Story it would be 16-year-olds fighting turf wars on the streets of LA.

The next year Las Virgines High was added to my roster. It's one of the most affluent schools in Southern California. The kids drove BMW's. We worked on Much Ado About Nothing set in a high school. On the last day of term, the students chose to watch The Silence of the Lambs as a reward for the term. I panicked a bit when there was a knock at the theatre door (I was worried about letting them watch the film).

I opened the door to a huge bouquet of flowers and a tearful mom. Her son was in the class. I cast him as Don Jon. In one rehearsal, he threw a chair, which was a great choice so we figured out how to do it safely and kept it. He loved it. His mom handed me the flowers and choked back tears as she told me that her son had been withdrawn and belligerent since starting high school 2 years before. He hadn't had friends and had been wearing a trench coat since Columbine (which had only happened 2 months before) and she had been terrified for him. But since he threw the chair in rehearsal, he hadn't stopped talking about Don Jon and the play, and she wanted to thank me for making him excited about something.

It took me a long time to realise that I don't make students do or feel or be anything as an instructor. I merely make space for the work and give actors permission to do all of what they are capable. While that sounds a bit trite in writing, it can become contentious when actors want to live down to their preconceived limitations. We are all physically stronger, more determined, have untapped reserves of generosity and creativity, and we have infinite empathy and complete understanding of the human experience - we just don't often have a place to discover and play with all of it. 

I create the conditions and modes of discovery  (whether using Suzuki, Viewpoints, Laban, stuff I make up or plain old scene work) and I try to set students free to explore, discover and play with theatre.  When students are blocked and passive (physically, intellectually, temperamentally), I address the technical and/or creative limits preventing them from their true and unique potential.

You can also read about my work as an actor and director throughout the site.  If you're interested in my work, please contact me at